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Would you like to join our online flea market, SnagPop? Both buyers and sellers will benefit greatly from using our auction site. Never think of paying a fee to join our site. We know that small businesses do not like to join big eCommerce sites to sell their products. Some eCommerce giants charge a high rate for using their platforms. However, you will not have this issue with our flea market. Thus, sign up with us and start your business.

Free services for buyers and sellers

Our mission is to work together and build a community. We make certain that there should not be any financial barrier in creating this community. Grab the best value from our free selling platform. Buyers do not need to pay an amount to use our site. Moreover, sellers will also enjoy free.

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Our sale transaction fee is 5%. When you need to feature your category pages, you need to pay only $0.20 USD. Moreover, for every highlighted item, our charge is $0.08 USD. You will also get benefits from the home page feature by paying $0.35 USD. Compare these charges to that of other flea markets. You will find that SnagPop is a more affordable option for sellers.

You can establish a long-term relationship with SnagPop by purchasing our subscription packages.

• SnagPop Blue- You can make 100 product listings free of cost.

• SnagPop Gold- $4.99 USD on a monthly basis and list 300 products. 10% discount on fees.

• SnagPop Diamond- $12.99 USD monthly, you can list 500 products. 25% discount of fees.

• SnagPop Platinum- $24.99 USD monthly and create 1200 listings. 50% discount on fees.

• SnagPop Ultimate- $34.99 USD monthly, and get access to creating Unlimited listings. 100% discount on fees.

Thus, become a member of SnagPop and find loads of business opportunities from this digital platform. Buyers will also make a profitable deal from this auction site.

Show the world what's in your closet and sell it on SnagPop!

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Selling your items on SnagPop is easy and costs you nothing but the time you invest in creating your listings:

SnagPop is a community-supported online flea marketplace, where users can buy and sell just about anything, and it's all done Listing Fee Free. 

Here on SnagPop, we believe that a great selling platform service can and should be affordable with quality and integrity.

With the support of the online sellers' community, great things can be done. 

As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” 

Help support's online flea market community today, so that we can continue offering you a free selling platform to help you grow your business.